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Salt and sand bin 50 kgSalt and sand bin 50 kg
€78.61 inc VAT
(€63.91 ex VAT)
Salt and sand bin 100 kgSalt and sand bin 100 kg
€109.04 inc VAT
(€88.65 ex VAT)

€144.54 from €105.49 inc VAT
(€85.76 ex VAT)
Salt and sand bin 300 kgSalt and sand bin 300 kg
€256.12 inc VAT
(€208.23 ex VAT)

Grit bins

The bulk bins are the ideal solution for many sectors. The products are available as standard in yellow and optionally in green, red and blue. They can hold from 50 to 300 kg of substances. The containers do not corrode and the high quality polyethylene used in their production makes them extremely light. All containers are certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene. The lid protects the contents from rain.