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Watchman® Radar V2 + 1 year feeWatchman® Radar V2 + 1 year fee
Watchman® Radar V2 + 1 year fee
The device is capable of monitoring tanks of up to 6 metres in height. It is ideal for installation on tanks in which diesel fuel, AdBlue®, water, fuel oil, thick liquids, corrosive media, but also among others: sand, cement, coal or pellets are stored. High accuracy, even in winter, regardless of the type of substance, and full control of the device via a mobile app will undoubtedly contribute to your satisfaction. An investment in a telemetry device will facilitate the management of resources, and the collected data stored in the cloud guarantee access to them at any time, without being limited to a single location.
€377.86 inc VAT
(€307.20 ex VAT)
Watchman® Sonic AdvanceWatchman® Sonic Advance
Watchman® Sonic Advance
With soaring purchasing and inventory costs, it is very important to keep your resources under control. Kingspan Smart Monitoring is ideal for monitoring: heating oil, diesel, lubricating oil, fluids / additives, AdBlue®, used oil, water, liquid fertilizers, chemicals, fertilizers, loose materials, cement. Possibility to be connected with Watchman® Sonic Receiver - ability to watch fluid...
€141.70 inc VAT
(€115.20 ex VAT)

Watchman® Sonic Plus AdvanceWatchman® Sonic Plus Advance
Watchman® Sonic Plus Advance
Wireless measurement of liquids
€170.56 inc VAT
(€138.67 ex VAT)
Watchman® LTWatchman® LT
Watchman® LT
Watchman® LT is a liquid level measurement probe for large capacity tanks. 
€910.53 inc VAT
(€740.27 ex VAT)